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About Us

Eva and Andrej

What is Home to you?

For us it's family; and it is the inspiration gained from our family of landscape designers and architects which has led us here, to our little home in East Dulwich. Our shop is the expression of our taste; Unique, hand-crafted and artisan. With products ranging from house decorations, toys and accessories to lighting and even toilet brushes, we have it all!

However, we like to do things on the unconventional side and our handcrafted, unique products replicate this ethos. Why pay for someone to fit your toilet when, like Eva’s dad, you could build it yourself with a helpfully labelled ‘flush’ button and a colour scheme which matches the rest of the moon-themed toilet? Likewise, why would you water your own garden when, like Andrej’s mum you could design a homemade garden watering system, which automatically waters the garden all year round? It is this inherent desire to innovate and create which characterises Home and the products which we handpick for our shelves.

Our Italian-Slovenian family began in Eva’s home country Italy, where we met and began our crazy adventure. From there, we moved to London, opened a café, started a family and fell in love with East Dulwich. After a wonderful (but busy!) five years running our coffee shop, we decided to move on to pursuing our true passion; design. And here we are, all these years after our adventure began, just next door to our old coffee shop, in our new home.

Being an independent business, connecting with other small companies is important to us and influences the way that we source our products. Our mission to source handcrafted, unique products not only benefits our community, by putting money back into the businesses on our doorstop, but also benefits the environment by avoiding mass production, and the environmental consequences associated with this type of production.

These are the things which make our shop Home, so why don’t you pop down to East Dulwich to discover what Home is to you?